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Chinese brush painting with Sheila McAdam

On Saturday 29th April Sheila demonstrated the art of painting using Chinese brush strokes.  In just a few deft strokes butterflies were flying towards roses that had taken shape with just a dozen flicks of the wrist.  A few photographs illustrate some of the demonstrations. There are lots of videos available on the topic and Sheila recommends Henry Li whose  Capture the spirit of Autumn Roses

can be found on “”  


Harry Campbell 29th April 2017

Self Portraits

On the 13th May members tried their hand at self portraits. 24 pieces of paper measuring just 14cm by 11cm were handed out and collected onto a frame using miniature pegs. A photograph of the completed set of portraits can be seen below.

On the 18th August 2018 members each painted a small section of the Sistine Chapel.  Various media were used and over 30 individual picture were produced during within the 2 hours available.  It proved a difficult challenge but everyone found it an interesting project.  Many members only completed preliminary drawings in the period whilst others managed to reproduce a complete section.  

Here is a sample of the pictures attempted during the morning


Painting the Sistine Chapel