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Monthly Newsletter  

A Monthly newsletter is published by email to all members which gives news and a full programme of activities for each Saturday throughout the year.

Here are some of the activities we have undertaken from 10am until 12:30 :

1.Demonstation of painting by Marc Turner (professional artist from Warrington who specialises in the Old Masters style)

2. Portrait of two sitters in costume.

 3. Bottles, Clocks and Books. Bring your own items to make up a still life, to be drawn or painted.

4. A Picture of Two Halves. Please bring in a picture that you are willing to cut in half. Keep one half to paint/draw yourself and give the other half to another member to paint/draw, then join your two paintings together to see the result

5. The World of Glass invites members of the public to  participate in a full day of Portrait Drawing / Painting along with members  of the Art Club in areas around the centre.

6.This week we will have a model available playing a guitar for you to paint or draw in a medium of your choice.

7.There will be one model available for you to draw/paint in

  this Saturday session, also our very talented Malcolm Barnes

  will be doing a portrait workshop demonstration from a   photo,  for those of us that wish to brush up on our  portraiture drawing or painting skills.


8. Painting on Newspaper including a demonstration of the techniques involved

9. Painting the Sistine Chapel with each member choosing a small section which will be combined into one large painting

10. Demonstration of painting flowers in watercolours.

11. Portrait painting using oils/acrylics.

Note that every month there is an opportunity to paint a life model from 1pm to 3pm.